It can be difficult to find time for training. While most managers clearly understand the need for quality training, and the benefits it can bring, many report they simply do not have the time, expertise or the necessary budget.

Investing in quality training provides a wealth of benefits:

  • Development of skills and knowledge required by staff to do their job.
  • Increased ability to adapt and respond to change.
  • Improved morale and motivation.
  • Better performance and higher staff retention.


I have a long and successful history in the development and delivery of training, gained over 25  years of working in various training and development roles. I hold several training qualifications from awarding bodies such as CIPD, NIOCN and OU. I like to bring a creative flair and innovative approach to my training development and delivery, ensuring that all courses are fun and enjoyable as well as informative!

A particular area of expertise I have developed over the years, is the production of bespoke training and education packages and manuals. I like to use my creative flair and systematic approach to ensure the final package is well researched and creative. I am the author and co-author of several successful training and education packages, including those for children and young people such as the well known Helping Hands for Children education pack, which I developed while working for Women’s Aid Federation NI.


I will meet with you initially to identify training needs and provide you with an overview of options available. I will listen carefully to your needs and thoughts in relation to training, ensuring options are carefully matched to this. Depending upon the nature of training needs, I can deliver one off events or plan a process of tailored training for your organisation.

I can offer a full range of creative training programmes and solutions, bespoke training programmes can also be developed upon request and subsequent to discussion.

Some recent examples of my work

Safeguarding Children – NSPCC

I was an Associate Trainer for NSPCC for many years and delivered safeguarding training to a wide range of organisations across all sectors, to enable them to respond to child protection concerns and to develop effective safeguarding environments based upon best practice.

Leadership Development Associate RTU

I was a Leadership Development Associate with the Regional Training Unit.  In this post,   I regularly delivered four modules in the LEAD first training programme for managers in the education sector, including, team building, motivation, performance management and change management. 

Young Voices

I was thrilled to project manage the production of a training manual with the Young Voices group , a youth advocacy group attached to ABCLN Women’s Aid.   The group had a vision to produce a training manual, to increase adults awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people. My role involved initial visioning with the young people, working with them to write the business plan for funding, working with a script writer and media company to agree content and approach, working with the young people to develop the training manual and finally working with the printer to design and publish the training manual. Throughout the project I had the wonderful experience of working closely with the young people, ensuring they were involved and supported at every stage.

Personal development programmes for women

I have worked with several organisations across the women’s sector to develop bespoke personal development programmes for women. These have included programmes focusing upon moving on from the impact of domestic abuse and programmes focused upon stress management and development of confidence and self esteem.