It can be difficult to find time to plan. While most managers understand the need for strategic planning, many report they don’t have the time or feel they don’t have the expertise to do it…and yet good planning is essential for the survival of any organisation!

Put simply, a strategic plan can be the cornerstone for an organisation in a turbulent climate.

A strong strategic plan can be a powerful tool during times of change, it provides a clear direction and ensures every decision is based upon a shared vision and a comprehensive analysis of all risk factors.


One of my biggest areas of a work is supporting clients to develop strategic plans. I approach each planning project with a wealth of practical expertise, theoretical and sectoral knowledge as well as my ability to work and consult with all stakeholders, putting them at ease and ensuring all views are captured and ideas harnessed. I really enjoy helping organisations to see the bigger picture, including the strengths they have and how they can build upon these. I enjoy thinking outside the box and helping organisations to consider new developments as well as building upon the success of current work.


I will work closely with you and your stakeholders to really get to know your organisation and the challenges it faces. My approach will be tailored and unique to your organisation.

I am aware that strategic planning can be a daunting task, therefore I will:

  • Guide you through the planning process, ensuring that your knowledge and expertise, and that of you and your stakeholders is harnessed at all stages.
  • Help you to gain a “helicopter view” of all the internal and external factors, including government policy, which may impact upon your organisations success.
  • Enable you to define a clear vision, mission and identify a set of realistic and achievable goals.
  • Consult with your stakeholders, including service users to ensure their voices are heard.
  • Build upon information gathered throughout the process, to develop a clear and innovative strategy.
  • Produce an innovative strategy providing clear direction for your future.
  • Provide guidance to keep your plan alive and ensure it doesn’t become another document gathering dust on a shelf.

Some examples of my work

I have worked with numerous charities across Northern Ireland to help them produce strategic and operational plans. This involves, consultation with staff, management boards as well as a thorough consultation with service users to identify areas for development.

Sure Start planning

I worked with Sure Start groups to facilitate planning and review sessions with staff and board to inform the development of the organisations business plan.

Regional children’s strategy

I worked with a regional women’s charity to produce an innovative strategy for children and young people. This involved consulting directly with member groups, facilitating a series of consultation events with children and young people and writing the strategy document.

Women’s sector

I have worked with several women’s sector organisations to help them define their strategic vision and put in place a clear plan to deliver upon this.  I have recently led on the production of a three year regional strategic plan for a well established membership organisation in the women’s sector.  This involved extension consultation with membership, Boards of Directors, staff and service users and built upon the wealth of strengths already evident to define a vision along with clear targets.

Community groups

I have worked with numerous small community groups  across Northern Ireland to help them produce strategic and operational plans. This has often going back to basics and working with staff, board and service users to define aims and objectives.  I always use a participative approach when supporting groups to develop a strategic plan and aim to make it fun, enjoyable and most of all productive!